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Protecting Children Women and Families

Human Trafficking, Child Abduction, Internet Predators, Drug Cartels

 A unique conference sponsored by the Preventing Abuse Foundation is set for August 9 – 10 at the Kirkwood Hotel in Cedar Rapids to help draw attention to resources that fight human trafficking.

                The two-day conference includes workshops, guest speakers, and training exercises to help audience members become more aware of the prevalence and danger of human trafficking, specifically in the fight to protect women and children.

                Guest speakers include Noreen Gosch, whose son Johnny Gosch disappeared in 1982. His abduction led to the passing of the Johnny Gosch Bill and the establishment of the Johnny Gosch Foundation to aid in the investigation and rescue of abducted children.

                Other speakers include Drew and Heather Collins, parents of Elizabeth Collins; Ric Lumbard, CEO of WFM Missions Base, an international organization based out of Iowa; Governor Terry Branstad* and Senator Charles Grassley*; and representatives from various law enforcement and drug cartel organizations. There will also be powerful testimonials from sex trafficking survivors.

                Participants will take home tangible, specific things they can do to start protecting themselves and loved ones. Topics include:


·         Child Abduction and Safety


·         Human Trafficking:  The Problem and Solutions


·         Internet Safety


·         Legislation Initiatives


·         Drug Cartel Infiltration in Iowa and Nationwide


·         Pornography:  Experts "Expose" the Truth


·         National Security


·         Law Enforcement/Undercover Investigation


·         Much more


                A special round table for law enforcement officers will be help August 8 from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. Law enforcement ID is required.


To register and for information on speakers and topics, please visit<>.



Human trafficking is the second largest illegal money-maker in the world, next to selling illegal drugs. National movements have sprung up across the county to fortify communities against the travesties of sex trafficking, including communities in America’s Midwest.

                The Preventing Abuse Foundation was founded by Tony Nassif, who has dedicated his life and finances to educating, motivating and activating individuals, law enforcement, government officials and the faith community on the issues surrounding human sex trafficking, child abduction and pornography.


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