In 1974, Eliot Keller and Rob Norton crossed paths and discovered a similar passion – the power of radio. Through hard work, creativity, compromise, and a true understanding of what it takes to think outside the box – they developed a unique business partnership that remains to this day – hence the birth of the company which now owns and operates Z102.9, KGYM, and Smart-FM! Local ownership may not seem like a big deal to some, but let us explain why it is. Our owners are a part of the community. They’re in the building with us everyday. Our management is tuned into what’s happening in the market from a local perspective and not halfway across the country. No other commercial FM station in our market can say that! From HD Radio, to city bus boards, to toasting more than thirty years of local ownership, we set the bar for quality radio nation wide. Another perk of local ownership? We’re here! That means your advertising dollar stays in our community, thus strengthening the growth of your business while our stations continue to serve the community. Contact us.

Z102.9 Circle…You already know that radio is the best way to get your message out.  But why Z? With a bunch of stations out there with a “Pick me! Pick me!” complex-what makes Z so special?

Let’s start with our sales team. To put it simply, we’re luckier than the other guys. Spoiled, even. We’re not stressed over making slick deals and pushing our “package of the week” in order to make a quota, while our sales manager dangles our jobs over our heads. The head honchos at Z get it-in order for our sales team to be successful, we need to understand what our clients need and how our station can help them talk to our listeners. We’re here to solve marketing problems for our clients. Through continued education in human behavior, consumer patterns, and marketing strategy, we can assist those businesses that have the desire to.

Second, the station for which we sell. We’re fortunate to have a reputation that puts us at an (almost) unfair advantage our competitors can’t touch. Our local owners understand that in order to educate our clients about branding, we need to practice what we preach. We strive to make our presence known in the community as often as possible and in very big ways. Z102.9 vehicles, Z banners and campaigns have been recognized and awarded as excellent marketing tools, and we are always exploring new ways to enhance awareness.

How often do you come across a group of people who work for a company they believe in 100% of the way? Rarely. Every single person employed by Z102.9 is an important contribution to the future success of the company. We take pride in our work and the accomplishments we make through the teamwork of both the Sales and Programming departments.

Devotion, hard work, and a belief in the efforts is what makes Z102.9 an important part of the radio and advertising industry in our community. | 319-363-2061

If you’re looking to talk to sports fans, this is the place! With ESPN programming like “#Greeny” and “Bart & Hahn” flanked by our great LOCAL team in afternoon drive, we’ll cover all the local and national sporting events. We also air play-by-play for:

  • Various NFL games each week, plus the playoffs and Super Bowl
  • MLB, including the playoffs and World Series
  • Minnesota Twins
  • National IRL races
  • ISU Cyclone football, men’s basketball and select women’s basketball
  • NCAA Bowl Games
  • NCAA Basketball Tournament

The GYM can be heard on 1600 am, 102.3 fm in Cedar Rapids and 106.3 fm in Iowa City. Our local hosts are out in the community talking sports — maybe you’ll see us at a local sports bar — and often there’s an opportunity for our clients to be there too. We’d love to talk to you about how our awesome listeners might be a match for what you’re selling. | 319-363-2061

SMART ROCK. What is Smart Rock? Well, it’s thinking man’s rock & roll. The music you’ve loved your whole life and have forgotten about. Classic Pop Rock Hits. Live Cuts. B-Sides & Forgotten Favorites. One Hit Wonders. That’s Smart-FM. For anyone who enjoys the great rock & roll they grew up on. We have the largest library of music out of any radio station in the entire Cedar Rapids/Iowa City listening area. Which means you no longer have to hear “Don’t Stop Believing” every day to get to the songs you miss. That is Smart-FM! Own your own piece of Smart-FM, sold :30 or :60 seconds at a time! Seriously, we have a team of smart marketers ready to help you spread your message every day, and a brand strategist that we share with our clients one week each month. | 319-363-2061

Julie Hein
Thanks for stopping by our site.  I'm wicked-proud of all the folks that work to make Z102.9, KGYM and Smart-FM so important to listeners and advertisers.  It's a rare and special place to be.You're probably here because you're thinking about advertising and radio. Read More

Shawn Reineke
Director of Sales & Administration
Hello and thank you for listening.

One of my favorite pieces of advertiser feedback has been, “you know what, you guys are great at motivating people to do stuff.”  Yes, we have a pretty big mouth, but what makes 1000’s of listeners tune in each day? Read More

Jill Dennis
Senior Advertising Consultant

I’m an Iowa City native.   I grew up here, my parents grew up here and their parents grew up here.  That’s extremely native.  I love it here and I’m deep rooted in our community.  When I’m not working I’m spending time with family, friends, and my son.  I do a lot of bicycling and running in my free time. Read More

Kellie Lala
Senior Account Manager

Hi! I worked in retail for 13 years prior to joining the sales staff at Q103 radio in April, 1992. I tell people that I “sell puffs of air” for a living! I have a huge commitment to Z102.9, KGYM and Smart-FM and radio is a super fun industry. Every day is a new adventure! Read More

Kelli Michel
Account Executive

Remember those books where you figured out which thing didn’t belong with the other? I look at groups of things and ask, “how can I make the chicken, the box & the top hat come together?” An alchemist, or magician, of sorts.Read More