LIVE From a Porta Potty!

LIVE From a Porta Potty!

Enjoy The Morning Scramble live from the parking lot at Lindale Mall where Dancin’ Eric Hanson will be confined to a porta potty for 12 hours or until we reach 8,000 signatures on the UFG #WorthIt pledge against distracted driving. While we’re there…

On Friday mornings, Dancin’ Eric Hanson presents ‘Nerd News!’ Break out your pocket protector, tape the bridge of your glasses, and get ready to hear the biggest science news stories from the past week.

The Morning Scramble is all about getting you pumped up for football! There’s nothing more exciting than the sound of a live marching band. The Wapsi Valley Marching Band joins the Morning Scramble at Lindale Mall. They’ll play our halftime show and keep Eric pepped up while he sits upon his plastic throne.

Destiny is our resident cheerleader, and she has created a customized cheer for the Hawks as they take on Penn State! She’ll also be joined by the Washington High School Cheer Squad and they have a special cheer to share as well.

Todd Brommelcamp from KGYM radio will take us inside the game as the Hawks take on the Nittany Lions of Penn State. He’ll break down the keys of the game and get you in the know.