Who Would Die First On Gilligan’s Island

Who Would Die First On Gilligan’s Island?

Halloween is just around the corner and every year around this time The Morning Scramble is contacted by a ghoul from the other side. Her name is Natasha and she loves to share spooky stories to put you in the Halloween mood. The Scramblers will hold a seance and see if they can make contact with Natasha to hear one of her spine-tingling ‘First World Horror Stories.’

Clare and Eric don’t agree, so they need you to be the judge. Chime in on ‘Jury in a Hurry.’ This week’s case has to do with leaving the lights on when you leave the house at night. Eric says you have to leave them on to fool thieves into thinking someone is home. Clare says that’s wasteful—turn them off when you leave the room! Who do you agree with? Hear their cases and deliver your verdict.